KerriSparling201009bBlog Spotlight: Six Until Me Blog: Six Until Me People behind the words: Kerri Morrone Sparling; guest bloggers Type of diabetes: type 1 diabetes About the blog: Six Until Me is a diabetes blog about the life of Kerri Morrone Sparling and her experiences with type 1 diabetes. Founded in May 2005, Six Until Me is an example of real-life struggles and triumphs with diabetes. The main audience for Six Until Me is people living with diabetes, their caregivers, and others living with chronic illnesses. Why we love it: Keri Sparling is a dedicated diabetes advocate and speaks out about personal diabetes experiences. Six Until Me was voted Best Patient Blog in 2008 and was nominated again in 2009. The blog also won a Gold Doise for Best Patients or Caregiver Blog in 2010. Featured topics: type 1 diabetes, life, advocacy, pregnancy with type 1 diabetes Unique features: Updated Monday-Friday by Sparling with contributions from guest bloggers within the diabetes community Current popular posts: