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Diabetes Care Designed for You!

Our caring, passionate and experienced team provides you efficient care on your terms in entirely new ways. Improve your health with less time and expense. Ready to take charge of your diabetes?

Ready to take charge of your diabetes?

At Iowa Diabetes Care, our mission is to improve the health and lives of Iowans affected by diabetes through compassionate, efficient, patient-centered care. We harness technology and data to transform clinical care. Please leave your contact information below to be seen at Iowa Diabetes Care.

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We See Patients Who…

Have diabetes
Are 18 years or older
Are motivated to take control of their diabetes
Are able to use our Diabetes Portal

Direct Diabetes Care

At Iowa Diabetes, we provide direct diabetes care to you and do not bill insurance. We will provide you with an itemized bill that you may submit to your commercial insurance (unfortunately, we are unable to see patients on Medicare and Medicaid). Your visit may be considered “out-of-network” and the amount you are reimbursed will depend on your plan.


You will check in at the front desk when you first get to the clinic. Then, you will be seen by one of our team members based on your needs. Our team includes Dr. Bhargava (diabetes doctor/endocrinologist), Kathy (Nurse Practitioner), and Jamie (Clinical Pharmacist). You may also see other team members. Our goal is to meet your diabetes care needs and provide you with thorough recommendations.
Yes, we only see patients who have a diabetes.
Please email and you will receive a response promptly. You may also call the clinic during daytime hours at (515) 329-6800. We do not have evening or on-call coverage.
We promise transparency in the prices we charge for the care that you receive at each visit. A list of prices will be shared with you at your visit. You will also receive an itemized bill after your appointment with all care provided.
We do not directly bill your insurance company. When you pay for your visit, you will be given an itemized bill that you can then submit to your insurance company to be reimbursed. Your visit will be considered “out-of-network” by your insurance company and the amount you are reimbursed by your insurance company will depend on your plan. If you have one, you will be able to use your HSA (Health Savings Account) to pay for your care.
The care that we provide you here is different than the type of care you will receive at other places. We provide care based on your needs and concerns. Our care is more efficient and saves you time by being highly prepared to deliver expert care every visit.

Our Team

Anuj Bhargawa

Anuj Bhargava

Diabetes Doctor

Kathy Fitzgerald

Kathy Fitzgerald

Nurse Practitioner

Jamie Pitlick

Jamie Pitlick

Clinical Pharmacist

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