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We are a caring, dedicated, and experienced team driven by quality and a passion for changing diabetes. Our research staff, with more than 70 years of combined research experience and 100+ studies started, works collaboratively with our research partners to efficiently recruit and retain patients in clinical trials.

Site Strengths

  • Experienced research coordinators with a special interest in diabetes
  • Experienced investigators with 100+ clinical trials started
  • High-quality research performance (FDA audit in 2017 with no findings)
  • First ever research-based patient portal
  • Multiple community relationships providing referrals for research
  • Ability to use a Central IRB
  • Clinical trial management software ensuring efficient organization of all research activities

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We are a multi-center site in Central Iowa performing research in diabetes, diabetes-related conditions, and hormonal disorders.

Type 2 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes
Pumps, CGMs, Glucose Meters
Kidney Disease
Men’s Health (Low-T & Erectile Dysfunction)
Cardiovascular Disease

Partners We’ve Worked With

Recruitment History

Iowa Diabetes Research has a strong history of success in trial recruitment, having over-recruited for a majority of studies we have done to date.
Our Patient Qualifier platform allows us to efficiently and effectively recruit study participants using real-time health data and communication features.
Most of our research patients join another study with us after they finish their current study because of our caring, passionate, and patient-centered staff.
Company/Medication Enrollment Goal Screened Randomized % Enrollment
Medtronic/Pump use in T1D 12 51 41 342%
GlaxoSmithKline/CV outcomes 10 31 28 280%
Gan and Lee/ Biosimilar insulin glargine in T2D 12 31 23 192%
Lilly/T2DM ultra rapid acting formula insulin lispro 8 24 13 163%
Gan and Lee/ Biosimilar insulin glargine in T1D 12 27 19 158%
Novo Nordisk/GLP-1 use for treatment of obesity 7 16 11 157%
Lilly/T1DM ultra rapid acting formula insulin lispro 13 31 19 146%
Boehringer Ingelheim/SGLT-2 in T1D 36 50 48 133%
Dexcom/CGM use in T1D and T2D 50 59 55 110%

Testimonials From Monitors

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