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Take charge of your diabetes!

Easily manage your Sugars, Meds, Labs, Activity and more on any device! Import all your data in one secure place. Save money on meds. Get more out of your doctor visits and improve your health.

Sugar Tracking Made Easy!

  • Upload sugars directly from your meter
  • Understand your sugar trends with easy to read charts & graphs
  • Know your A1C at any time (estimated A1C)
  • Stay on track & prevent complications

Get More out of Your Doctor’s Visits!

  • Go ready with individualized reports (Visit Optimizer & Pre-visit Checklist): Happy doctor, a happier You
  • Never forget your questions & the doctor’s instructions
  • Get all your labs & meds automatically
  • Manage all your appointments & your health team

Medication Information on the Go

  • Download your med list from your doctor & pharmacy
  • Accurate & up-to-date med list always with you
  • Coupons, assistance programs, & our own drug discount card
  • Know your meds: top 5 tips from our experts, side effects & more

Know the Numbers That Matter

  • Track what matters most: A1C, blood pressure, weight & cholesterol
  • Download labs from your doctor’s portal
  • See your progress over time with easy to read graphs
  • Take charge of the key numbers & achieve better health

Make Your Activity Count!

  • Upload your activity from your devices
  • Quickly view steps, miles, and more
  • Analyze activity and diabetes info at the same time

How about food, yes of course!

  • Track carb and calorie intake over time
  • Automatically import food data from Fitbit & MyFitnessPal
  • Compare food habits across meals during the day
  • Understand how food intake affects your sugars

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