Do you ever find yourself questioning what is and isn’t true about diabetes? Don’t worry–we break down 8 common myths about diabetes for you below. Myth: Diabetes doesn’t run in my family, so I’m safe. Truth: While genetics does play a role, people can get Type 2 Diabetes by making unhealthy lifestyle choices. To minimize your risk, be sure to maintain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. Myth: I’m not overweight–so I won’t get diabetes. Truth: Though maintaining a healthy weight can dramatically cut the risk of getting diabetes, genetics can still play a part. Myth: Only adults get Type 2 Diabetes. Truth: While this was the norm in the past, Type 2 is becoming much more prominent in the younger population because of rising childhood obesity rates. Myth: Gestational diabetes is only a problem while you are pregnant. Truth: While gestational diabetes typically occurs during the pregnancy and then stops when you are no longer pregnant, it puts you at a much larger risk for developing Type 2 in the future. To reduce this risk, please consult your doctor about dietary and exercise changes that can be made. Myth: Diabetes is irreversible. Truth: While this was once thought to be true, there have been documented cases that with extreme weight loss and a dramatic change in eating habits, Type 2 diabetes can sometimes be reversed. Myth: Cinnamon can help cure diabetes. Truth: While cinnamon does not hurt or help people with diabetes, there is no proof that cinnamon is linked to improving diabetes. Myth: If I take insulin, I don’t have to worry about my diet. Truth: Insulin works with the food that you take in, therefore your insulin will work much more effectively with a healthy diet. Myth: Fruit juice is better for me than soda. Truth: While fruit juice might have more nutritional value than soda, it is still extremely high in sugar content and should only be consumed in moderation. photo credit: DeathByBokeh via photopin cc