When it comes to creating your best diabetes care plan, staying on top of your medications can be just as important as watching your diet and tracking your blood sugars. But between the variety of medications available and the number of prescriptions you take, you may feel like you’re juggling too much information. MedSimple is here to help.

Created by the founders of My Diabetes Home, MedSimple is a free app that helps you manage all your medications. The app is available on the Apple and Android markets, and it syncs to your online My Diabetes Home account. This way, you can access all your meds on one convenient platform. Here are five more ways MedSimple works to simplify both your diabetes treatment and your health overall.

1. Organized prescriptions When you’re taking more than one prescription, it can be difficult to remember which one comes at breakfast and which one is taken on an empty stomach. Now, you can save all your medication information in one organized, easily accessible location. With MedSimple, you can upload all your prescriptions onto your personalized Med List. This comprehensive tool includes the name of each med, along with helpful dosing instructions you won’t want to forget, such as the strength of the med, how often you take it, and whether or not you should take it with food.

2. Helpful reminders It’s happened to many of us. Maybe you were busy running errands and you missed your afternoon dose. Or maybe you were enjoying a dinner out with friends, and that evening pill just slipped your mind. MedSimple works to prevent forgotten doses by providing you helpful reminders. When you add a med to your Med List, you can set an alarm that alerts you when it’s time to take your medication. If you upgrade to a MedSimple premium account, the app will also allow you to set customized reminders that help you remember to refill your prescriptions before they run out.

3. Cost-saving options Medications can be expensive, and when you’re taking more than one, the cost can quickly add up. MedSimple works to make paying for your prescriptions more affordable. All users have access to a drug discount card that can be used at any pharmacy. MedSimple also provides information about coupons and generic savings programs for each med to help you save even more.

4. Fast and reliable answers Should you mix your prescription with aspirin? Can’t remember why you’re taking a certain medication? With MedSimple, you can find answers to a variety of common prescription questions. To find a medication, you can type in all or part of its name into the Med Search bar. Once you’ve found the med you’re looking for, just tap on its name to find useful facts, such as side effects, dosing instructions, and common drug interactions.

5. Improved doctor visits Regular checkups with your doctor are an essential part of achieving the best diabetes care. MedSimple aims to make your appointments more timely and efficient. Instead of forcing your health care provider to search for your medications, you’ll have immediate access to all your information on your MedSimple account. This time-saving shortcut can free up more time in the appointment for you and your doctor to discuss questions or more effective treatment options.

Download MedSimple today for your Apple or Android device. To learn more about the app and its premium features, visit the MedSimple website.