In a recent article published by the Des Moines Register, Dr. Anuj Bhargava, our diabetes specialist at My Diabetes Home, discusses with readers how — and more importantly, why — he created He helps readers to understand just what My Diabetes Home is, and why every person living with diabetes needs a tool such as this one. It’s quite simple, really: it’s a one-stop-site that allows a person with diabetes to monitor and track their medications, blood glucose readings, health numbers and more. In the article, Dr. Bhargava indulges readers on the platform’s inception, and how it accommodates changing technologies and the changing needs of people with diabetes. Not only is technology changing, but also a person’s needs vary from day to day, and as Dr. Bhargava explains, our useful dashboard can help to track those changes and adjust to meet your daily requirements. How the Diabetes Management Platform Accommodates Technological Needs of Today
  • Seeing that patients ran the risk of coming across outdated or insufficient information in general online searches, this technology was created to provide information tailored to individual needs.
  • The easy-to-use dashboard simplifies diabetes, allowing each person to keep up with their disease daily — keeping blood sugar logs and managing medication costs.
  • It engages and educates members by providing personalized, credible and relevant information.
  • The goal is to motivate members to make positive behavior change, while comprehensively meeting diet, exercise, glucose and medication needs.
New MyFeatures For More Individualized Diabetes Management
  • MyHome, a home base where features come together and interact, motivational images and quotes, highlighted features you don’t want to miss, and articles tailored for each user.
  • MyMedSimple provides smartphone alerts and reminders of important drug interactions and makes it easy to stick to medication plans.
  • MyNumbers tracks and records all vital numbers. Plus, it helps set important goals and track progress.
  • MySugars helps people with diabetes monitor blood sugar levels.
  • MyVisits gathers lab and medication information into one place and provides important questions to ask the health provider.
One of the biggest benefits of My Diabetes Home is that the technology is individualized to meet the needs of each diabetic, and to personalize their diabetes management and routines on one single dashboard. After all, no two people with diabetes — or their needs — are the same, so why should their diabetes management tool be? My Diabetes Home your one-stop place for managing your diabetes. Join us now and be part of the community! Any information provided is not medical advice and My Diabetes Home is not responsible for any information from third parties. Go here for more info: — photo credit: The Hamster Factor via photopin cc