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Listen to Your Doctor
Always follow your doctor’s instructions regarding your meds. Be sure to also read each prescription label and the printed information provided by your pharmacist. If you are confused about anything, ask the pharmacist or contact your doctor.
Stay Organized
Keep a written or electronic list of meds you are currently taking. Bring this list to each visit with your doctors. A list of your meds is just one of the items featured in our Visit Optimizer report, which can easily be shared with your doctor.
Find a Routine
Get into a “med taking routine” and use cues, such as brushing your teeth, to remind you to take your meds. Use pill organizers and other reminders to help avoid missing doses.
If There’s a Problem, Seek Help
When you have your meds refilled, talk to your pharmacist about any problems, concerns, or questions you may have. If cost is a problem, you can ask your pharmacist for help. Also, remember that MDH offers you ways to save money on your meds via our Drug Discount Card.

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Common Problems & Solutions

Having trouble remembering which meds to take and when?
Try using pill organizers to help you keep track of which meds you have or have not taken. If you want to separate the pills you take in the morning and the ones you take before bed, use two different pill boxes.
Unsure of what your meds are for and how they will improve your health?
The information you receive with your prescriptions may seem overwhelming. If you are still unsure of how exactly you will benefit from your meds, simply ask your pharmacist. If it’s still unclear, contact your doctor to learn why they prescribed it for you.
Problems with remembering your full list of meds?
My Diabetes Home makes this simple with both myMeds and Visit Optimizer. Simply add each med you take into myMeds, which will always securely store this data for you. Then, when it’s time for your doctor visit, your Visit Optimizer will have this information, which you can then easily share with your doctor.
Are your prescriptions too expensive?
Ask your doctor if there are generic alternatives to your prescriptions. Also be sure to take advantage of My Diabetes Home’s cost saving features, like our drug discount card. DISCLAIMER statement “This is for educational purposes only and not intended as medical advice. For individual medical advice, contact your healthcare practitioner.”