Welcome Home! This one-of-a-kind platform makes managing diabetes easier than ever before. Our newly redesigned website is now optimized as a one-stop diabetes management dashboard that allows you to keep track of and manage your diabetes all in one spot. Need a place to keep all of your medications in order? Your search is over. Having difficulty finding all of the latest news and helpful resources that keep you informed of diabetes and diabetes research? Look no further. And just released this week, our new and free MedSimple Drug Discount Card! Stay up to date on plans and obtain prescription discounts by using this free card. MedSimple Drug Discount Card It’s all part of our new and easy-to-use dashboard that will keep you informed and on track so that managing your diabetes is simple and easier to manage. Getting started is easy:
  • Begin with Your Profile. Share information like your type of diabetes, lifestyle and daily routines to personalize the dashboard to meet your daily needs.
  • Articles Tailored to Your Specific Needs. After you set up your profile, you can have informative articles and information sent straight to your dashboard. Get all the latest news and information to keep you up to date.
  • New Helpful Tools. Use all of our helpful tools, like myMed Simple, which helps you to track and manage all of your medications right from your dashboard.
  • Use the Mobile App! Find many of the My Diabetes Home tools available for your mobile device so you can manage on the go!
Some of the Top features of the My Diabetes Home Platform:
  • myMedSimple. Keep track of your medications and find out about cost-saving options.
  • myNumbers. Keep track of your weight and cholesterol, and get help working towards your health goals.
  • mySugars. It is important to monitor your blood sugar. This useful tool will help you to do just that, and will help you maintain a healthy balanced life.
  • Find all of these plus more as mobile apps, which provide important reminders and alerts to help keep you on track.
With the new My Diabetes Home dashboard, you will be able to simplify your diabetes management and get on to more important things in life . . . like living. No more wasted time worrying about your doctor’s appointment, and forget about forgetting to take your meds. With this helpful dashboard and our mobile app tools, your diabetes management is just a click away. So sign up and start managing your diabetes the right way, today. My Diabetes Home: your one-stop place for managing your diabetes. Join us now and be part of the community! Any information provided is not medical advice and My Diabetes Home is not responsible for any information from third parties. Go here for more info: https://www.mydiabeteshome.com/mydiabetes/content/terms-use-agreement