Test TubesThe search is over! . . . well, almost. Researchers at Mount Sinai are conducting a study next month that could stop the progress of type-2 diabetes in its early stages. According to recent news, “data collected from patient studies by [Dr. Ravi Retnakaran] and Dr. Caroline Kramer found short-term insulin therapy for two or three weeks can restore the body’s ability to make and use insulin. If all goes to plan, diabetes management (and future research at that) could change dramatically and shed light on insulin and insulin production. The Body and Insulin Production:
  • The beta-cells in the pancreas, which produces insulin, are almost always damaged beyond repair by the time insulin therapy is prescribed.
  • Because of the damage, medications are prescribed, usually one at a time, until insulin becomes a permanent need.
  • This new insulin treatment study could catch type-2 diabetes in its early stages, making it easier for natural insulin production.
  • If the study is successful it will be preventative in terms of preventing the deterioration of the beta cells.
This new study will monitor the production of insulin, and researchers are hopeful that this type of insulin therapy could lead to life-changing ways that diabetes is managed. Though it is not a permanent solution, it would make insulin treatments intermittent. Researchers of this clinical study say that: The hopes are future diabetes treatment will be as ‘easy as getting a haircut’ for patients. It is anticipated weekly intensive insulin therapy every few months in the very early stages of the disease will improve patients quality of life by forcing the disease into remission permanently. At My Home Diabetes, we are always looking for ways to make the management of diabetes easier to organize and to live with. To learn about the latest studies and research on type-2 diabetes, set your settings on your dashboard and you will always be updated on the most recent findings relevant to you. After all, we want nothing more than to make your life easier. Having information ready at your fingertips will keep you up to speed and in the know. My Diabetes Home your one-stop place for managing your diabetes. Join us now and be part of the community! Any information provided is not medical advice and My Diabetes Home is not responsible for any information from third parties. Go here for more info: https://www.mydiabeteshome.com/mydiabetes/content/terms-use-agreement — photo credit: erin m via photopin cc