My Diabetes Home 2.0 is almost here. Take a look at the new features. My Diabetes Home has always been dedicated to providing you with the best way to manage your diabetes, and now we’re doing that with a brand new look! Created to simplify how you organize your diabetes information, My Diabetes Home 2.0 is coming your way soon. With the launch of our new and improved website, check out the new features you can expect!
Mobile Site
Mobile Site One of the most important reasons we decided to redesign My Diabetes Home is to create a more user-friendly mobile site. It’s more important than ever to be able to access everything you need on-the-go. With our new mobile site, you can easily log your sugar or use any other of your favorite tools from My Diabetes Home wherever you are. Our navigation bar, previously located on the top of the site, can now be found on the side, making it easier to move from page to page.
Sync Your Meter
One feature we’re very excited about is the ability to sync your blood glucose monitor to My Diabetes Home. Syncing your meter is a great way to ensure your numbers are accurate and it can save you a lot of time!
Improved Doctors Visits
Doctors VisitOur new and improved Visit Optimizer allows you to better communicate with your doctor and make the most of your visits. You can send the report to your doctor by email, fax, or print it out and bring it to your appointment.   In this order, the new Visit Optimizer report includes:
  1. Any allergies you have listed
  2. The list of medications you are currently taking, along with any notes you may have entered regarding them
  3. New medications your doctor prescribes you during the visit
  4. Special instructions (entered by you) for your newly prescribed medication
  5. Questions you entered to ask your doctor at your visit
  6. A section to record the answers to your questions
  7. Any care alerts you have entered, such as reminders to get lab work done
  8. Summary charts and graphs from myNumbers
  9. A list of healthcare providers entered by you
  10. A Visit Summary to record important points from your visit and any questions your doctor had for you
We hope you’re ready for significant improvements in the way you experience doctor visits!
AwesomePlus Button
Another exciting new feature is what we call the AwesomePlus button, located at the top of the screen. AwesomePlus ButtonThis button is a super quick and easy way to access some of the features you use the most.
  • Quickly add your sugar reading
  • Conveniently add your most recent A1C
  • Easily update your medication
  • And more!

Sugar Graph
One feature that may be new to you is our Sugar Graph. Previously only offered as a Premium feature, the Sugar Graph is now available to all My Diabetes Home 2.0 users. The revamped graph is much more interactive! Take a look at an example graph below. Sugar Graph Just remember these tips when reading your graph:
  • A full apple indicates the sugar you logged before you ate
  • An apple core indicates the sugar you logged after you ate.
  • A red apple specifies that your blood sugar is too low.
  • A yellow apple means that your blood sugar is too high.
  • And, finally, a green apple means that your sugar is in your target range! ☺
Your Sugar Graph also calculates the averages of your total logged sugars. Sugar Graph Averages Just as the apple’s color in the graph indicates whether your sugars are too high or low, the averages work the same way. For instance, in the photo above, the portions of the bar graph that are in red indicate that the patient’s blood sugar is too low 43.5% of the time. If you sync your meter or input your sugars manually, once sufficient data has been entered, the Sugar Graph can even estimate your A1C!
Increased Speed & Security
Security Another aspect to look forward to is our increased speed and maximum security! We value your privacy, and know your health information is important to you, so our new website highlights that with the highest level of security there is. Your time is precious and we wanted to create an enjoyable experience while using My Diabetes Home, so we amped up our website’s speed. Managing your diabetes will be quicker than ever now!

Are you interested in becoming a test user before our official launch?

We are looking for a few initial users to test our website to ensure everything is up to your standards. We would love your help and honest feedback so please, let us know if this sounds like something you’d be interested in. We’re trying to make this transition as seamless as possible so if you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. — The My Diabetes Home Team *Disclaimer: Certain features are subject to change as we receive feedback and further improve upon our site. We also reserve the right to designate certain features as premium services as we progress in the launch of My Diabetes Home 2.0.